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Jul. 25th, 2005 @ 09:56 pm
sort of disclaimer thing: besides the fact that I obviously do not own the real jesse or anyone associated with him besides my characters (ashlaina and her mom for example), the story is like.. fiction. And since it's fiction, Jesse's allowed to be 16 instead of 18, and he's allowed to still be in dream street, and his mom's allowed to be clueless. I'm sure his mom is really a nice, not confused lady, but in my story she isn't. got it? good.

this is the beginning of a story I'm not sure I'll even finish, but I want opinions on it, give me opinions!Collapse )

comments, please.

Jun. 28th, 2005 @ 01:18 pm

Chapter Seven: Lost In The LiesCollapse )

Jun. 28th, 2005 @ 01:05 pm
Chapter Six: I Spent A LifetimeCollapse )</center>

Jun. 28th, 2005 @ 01:00 pm

--- Check out Chapter Four and Chapter Three if you need to before you read chapter five.


Chapter Five: If You're Strong Enough To Live At AllCollapse )

Jun. 28th, 2005 @ 12:56 pm
Here ya go guys.... Chapter four.... and start posting your own stories!!!! Tell your friends about the community... anything to get a good set of stories on here!
Chapter Four: Is it safe there inside your walls?Collapse )
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» (No Subject)
Yeah guys, she's right... this community is definitely dying, and you guys need to do something about it!!! I'll keep posting my chapters to Must Be An Illusion, but I know that there has to be more stories out there. Sorry that I haven't been posting but it's because of school ending, and finals and AP testing.... so I'll try to be more faithful, but we're going to need more than just one story on here!!!!
» (No Subject)
basically this community is dead=(/
soo leavingg.
» My first attempt at Summerland fic!
This is the link to my fanfiction! If you have any comments at all, PLEASE PLEASE write me a review (you can write an anonymous one)!!!! Thankss so much fellow Jmac and Summerland fans ^__^!!!

My fanfic is called "The NY Summer" and it's a cross-over between Summerland (all of the characters) and my favorite book series Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar. It has almost the same plot as Summerland, except that instead of Bradin and his siblings moving to California, they're moving to NEW YORK. And that's where they meet Blair, Serena, Nate, Chuck, Jenny, and the rest of the GG characters. I am slow on updating (this I cannot help much because I'm tend to lead a very busy life >_<), but I love GG and Summerland and I try to make my story as good & juicy as them!

» question...
hey guys... do any of you remember the days of fanfiction.net BEFORE they took away the real life stories? I'm wondering because there was a Jesse story there that I was absolutely addicted to. The title was something like "Do you believe in magic?" and the author had a similar username (I think). I remember I talked to her on AIM quite a few times but I lost my old buddylist and she probably doesn't even use that screen name anymore, anyway.

I was just wondering if any of you read this story, and if by any chance you know where I can find it...
» (No Subject)

You know, I hate posting on livejournal... not posting to you guys, but the whole process in general. It always gets messed up at least once, and I usually write the same message more than twice. I'm writing this for the third time, and to be frank, I'm tired of it. So I'll skip what I was going to say, and save it for later. Right now, I'm getting ready for a night of swing dancing with my best friends, and I can't wait. So without anything further... Chapter three! I'm glad to see you guys have been enjoying so far.

Must Be An Illusion: Chapter ThreeCollapse )

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